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La Fantasia Premium
Offshoot Coffee

La Fantasia Premium

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Country: Colombia
Region: La Honda, Cauca
Process: Washed
Variety: Castillo
Elevation: 1800masl
  Taste like: Plum, Nectarine, Caramel
» Coffee is picked when cherries are purple
» Pulped next three days after picking
» Traditional pulper (5 outlets) plus Zaranda (mesh removes low quality beans)
» Double fermentation for 96 hours (hermetically covered in buckets), then fermented for 24 hours without covers
» Removed from buckets and washed 2 times
» Dried slowly over 7 days (mechanical dryer)
» Moisture content is reduced to 10-12%
Interview with the producer, Guillermo Hernan Hormanza Rey
When did you start growing coffee?
Our farm was inherited from my wife´s parents; we bought the rights from her siblings. 
We started to cultivate coffee 15 years ago; we liked it and started to learn everything related to coffee farming. 
After we noticed that the prices differed from the expenses involved in the production, and the harvest was unprofitable, 
we started to produce specialty coffee 3 years ago.
That is the main reason which led us to change the infrastructure of our farm incorporating new technology. 
The process to produce specialty coffee was systematized with new techniques.
I live with my wife Elsa (61 years old) in Popayan City, and work at the farm twice per week. 
My sons live with their families far away from us.

How does growing specialty coffee helps you and your family?
I used to implement the traditional process without paying attention to the colour of the coffee cherries picked. 
After seeking some technical recommendations to improve the process, we implemented better soil fertilization, picked only ripe beans, 
increased the number of pickers according to the farm´s area, as well as implementing the pulping process on the same day after picking. 
We also introduced Brix measurements at the fermentation stage. 
All of those changes were implemented to significantly improve the cupping profile.