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Santa Ines - RARE
Santa Ines - RARE
Santa Ines - RARE
Santa Ines - RARE
Offshoot Coffee

Santa Ines - RARE

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#8 Carmo Best Cup
Country: Brazil
Region: Minas Gerais
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Variety: Red Bourbon
Elevation: 900-1050masl
Taste like: Milk chocolate, Strawberry, Praline

This lot is incredibly special to us. On our recent trip to Brazil we attended the Carmo Best Cup auction during which we won this unique lot.

Isidro Francisco Pereira is an inspirational farmer, we were lucky to visit his farm Santa Ines and see his operations.

His dedication to high quality has brought him time after time to Carmo Best Cup top 10 and Cup of excellence scoring #1 on 95.85 points at 2005. 

With this lot he experimented successfully with natural anaerobic process which is fast becoming a new trend in the world and especially Brazil.

We bid on this coffee and won it in the auction. The lot was shared with our friends from the USA - Great Lakes Coffee roastery in Detroit.

The farm

Acquired by the Sertão Group in 1979 already with crops, was begun planting new crops, and which were also built new concrete terraces, washer, dryer and processing. Also dedicated to livestock in Girolando cattle. It is located in the south Minas Gerais on the ridge of Mantiqueira Mountain in the city of Carmo de Minas, at 3 km from the city of Olimpio de Noronha - MG 25 km Carmo de Minas.

Concern for the Environment:

There is a great concern of the Sertão Group with preserving the environment so they preserve large amount of native forest and all the springs as well as streams are preserved their riparian forests.

Social Area:

Reside in the Santa Inês Farm 35 registered employees and about 80 people to the total where 13 families live in houses built by the farm with all infrastructure such as water, electricity, sewage system, and the rest of the families residing in the Olimpio de Noronha City that is 3 km from the farm. 

All families receive beyond their salaries, milk, coffee, drugs, etc. 

Employees' children who are studying have a bus line in several times passing through the door of the Treasury and the lead up to the school at no charge.