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Tio Juan - Lot Ana
Tio Juan - Lot Ana
Tio Juan - Lot Ana
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Tio Juan - Lot Ana

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Tio Juan
Lot Ana
Country: Honduras
Region: Siguatepeque, Montecillos
Process: Honey
Variety: IH90
Elevation: 1500-1770masl
  Taste like: Passionfruit, Raisin, Mango
Cristian Rodrigues Ulloa has been a coffee producer since 2010, having made the remarkable decision to give up his former career as a dentist! 
Now instead of pulling out teeth, he’s picking out coffee cherries and processing them in this very remote part of Honduras. 
But Cristian is no newcomer to coffee, becoming the third generation of his family to run and own a coffee farm.

Project Origin has worked with Cristian since 2016 although we first met him in 2012 when Sasa travelled there to judge a Cup of Excellence competition. 
Since then, we’ve spent time cupping with Cristian at origin, providing feedback and sharing knowledge.

Tio Juan is located in Siguatepeque, in the Montecillos region of the Santa Barbara department. Farming here has certain challenges. 
For one thing, the road network in this part of the world verges between basic to non-existent, so much of the coffee is delivered from farms to mills via horseback!

The Tio Juan farm is actually comprised of three different blocks,  Lot Ana coffee (named after Cristian’s wife) sits at around 1,500m 
while Lot Rebecca is the higher block of only Pache varietal, located at around 1,770m. 
The cherries are then loaded onto the backs of horses for the return to the mill.
On top of all this farming, Cristian also runs 6 “Tio Juan” branded coffee shops across the central region of Honduras.